Star Wars up close

There is a gallery on Imgur that shows close up photos of many of the models and sets used in the original Star Wars trilogy. It is amazing to see the care and craftsmanship that went into each model–even the ones that only get a few second of screen time. There are a couple of examples below, but the whole gallery is worth exploring.

There was so much great art and care that went into the production of the three original Star Wars films. And now, 30 years later, there are still new and imaginative remixes and fan creations–like this Auralnauts video that made Gabi and I laugh and laugh last night–keeping the work as fresh as ever.

Hotel Sidi Driss

The tripadvisor reviews are bad but it would still be cool to visit the hotel built into the set of Luke Skywalker’s home.

MATMATAT-AL-QADIMAL, TUNISIA: Let’s see: it’s in the desert, it’s literally a hole in the ground, and the accommodations are far from ideal. So why would you stay at the Hotel Sidi Driss? Because Luke Skywalker did. The hotel is operating inside the former set of Luke’s boyhood home, and while you won’t find a lot of props here, you can visit Aunt Beru’s kitchen, sit in the Lars family dining room, and have a drink at the well-stocked bar. Plus, it’s only $10 or so a night, and is within driving distance of a number of other Star Wars filming locations.